Franchisee Structure


    If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee, you will benefit from knowing in details about this scheme. For instance:
  • How BD categorises the country into different categories of cities and towns
  • The different franchisee types relevant to those cities
    • Normal
    • Subsidised
    • Rural/Satellite
  • BD also does a background check of the individuals involved to ensure he/she fits into this business
  • Franchisees are selected based on the available areas and the market potential
  • There are also some ready opportunities where the franchisees are already set up, ready to be taken over and operated from day one
  • BD also guides the prospective applicants through the process and helps them to decide what franchise suits them best
  • You can refer to online Application for the complete guide to becoming a BD franchisee

Ground Floor premises facing road Franchise Fees

For HUB and Master Franchisee requirement are considered on a case to case basis

For Area Office(AO) initial startup cost is Rs. 31000(Thirty-one thousand only)

For Booking office, it is Rs. 5000(Five thousand only)